My 2nd Quilted Star is Finished

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Yay!! No. 2 is finished.

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This is the back. And I have a bunch more lined up to finish or to begin. I have gone Star Crazy!!

This next one just needs to be sewn to the white inside lining. (I am doing this one a bit different than the others.) And I may reverse the last two rounds. I think I like the dark navy for the last round. In fact I cut them as 6″ squares and they were SUPPOSED to be the last round. I goofed.

From this…

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To this…

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This one needs to be sewn and the edging added. I bought these fabric squares (in the last round) on eBay a couple years ago. Look really close at the layout. Anything pop out at you? They are the same fabric patterns but in different colors. Directly across from the other. How cool is that!! I was really lucky to find these eight in the bunch.

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Here’s more fabric. Just waiting their turn. Wanna-Be Stars.

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And I have an idea for a Barbie star using royal, pink and yellow Barbie fabric. Or I may make it as a little quilt for a Barbie doll. Ideas, ideas. Always thinking.

Who knows how many I will have when I finally tire of making them. 😀


4 comments on “My 2nd Quilted Star is Finished

  1. Debra says:

    lol No one can say you do things halfway!

  2. Crystal says:

    Well, it’s easy to see you are having – FUN!!! 🙂

    Now try a BIG one, and display it in a LARGE quilting hoop! (That’s what we used to do when I made these in the late 70’s.) You can stain or paint the hoop to coordinate with your fabric! When the star is bigger – it’s really fun to have that many more rows of fabrics to select and match. 🙂

  3. don_mae says:

    Yep, BIG TIME FUN!! Bordering on addiction!!

    2 more done. And getting ready to cut the fabric to make a SQUARE one. Hope it turns out as nice as the round ones.

    Thanks, Crystal. I used to have lots of those hoops back in the 80’s. I used them for fabric ducks, geese, etc. In country fabric. Remember them. And I spray painted the hoops. Sold lots. Michaels has those large hoops. I’ll check it out.

  4. Julia P says:

    Well aren’t you just the busy little quilter!! LOL They are all very pretty. what size are they, and what would you use them for? Table tops, wall hangings? Or don’t finish the outer edges and sew several together for a comforter? The possibilities are endless. :o)

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