Quilting Star Tips

Stop laughing!!

Yep, I have been quilting for all of four days. And I already have a few tips. 😀

I was writing them down in my crafting journal. But then I thought why not share them with you. After all, there could be potential quilters out there. Following along. Reading, watching, thinking about hopping on my fabric wagon.

This is what I have learned so far.

1. Be precise on cutting. If the pattern calls for a 5 inch square, cut a 5″ square. Not a hair more. Not a hair less. When folding the points on the star, the tips will be nice and pointed IF you cut a perfect square.

2. Before ironing, glance at the fabric. Does it have directionality? If yes, make sure all squares are folded in the same direction. Unless of course, you want a random look.

3. After ironing but before folding, check fabric for any marks or imperfections you don’t want seen on the finished piece. Make that side the INSIDE.

4. To begin folding, bring both the left and the right sides (at the same time) together. Place the ends at the center bottom of the strip. Hold them down with your left finger. Take your right finger and push up on the fold to form the tip. If there is a “gap” and the sides don’t meet, your square is not a perfect square. Recut, reiron, refold. Try again. Until the point is crisp and pointed.

5. Before stitching down the triangles, look at them through your camera lens, layer by layer. You will be able to correct any width or length miscalculations before sewing. Make adjustments, pin in place.

OK… these are my observations and tips in my whole four days of quilting. I’ll add to this list as I go.


7 comments on “Quilting Star Tips

  1. Lennette Whited says:

    You have some wonderful tips listed Donna!!! I know you’ve said you’re not a quilter, but guess what? You are very quickly becoming one!! I’m so proud of you and you should be so proud of yourself Lil’ Missy!!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Lennette!!

      After posting this, I thought maybe I should run and hide. Only 4 days. And I have tips!! LOL!!

      I am glad I finally tried it. You were right!! I LOVE IT!! Thanks much for your gentle poking for the last six years.

  2. Nana betty says:

    LOOK AT YOU !!
    Quilting and giving tips!
    Way to go, Donna!!

  3. Betty says:

    You are making excellent progress. I love quilts but I have never made one. You are making me say m-m-m?

  4. digipicsphotography says:

    I’ve made about 8 quilts. They were big and I really didn’t know what I was doing. So I didn’t like it very much. But now I’ve started doing it again and making SMALL things, I love it. So start small, and gradually progress to larger items. It’s not so overwhelming then.

    BTW, your tips are good!

  5. Lillian says:

    My oh My I see a book in the making. Excellent tips

  6. don_mae says:

    LOL!! No book anytime soon. Quite a bit to learn. But I am having a ball mixing up fabric colors to make these stars.

    After I bore of making them, I am going to try a small wall hanging.

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