Bought More Fabric. What About These?

Just back from JoAnn’s. Still not what I wanted. But close. Now I have to decide whether to go with the hot pink or burgundy color.

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

And in which order to arrange the four fabrics.

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Image Hosting by

Decisions. Decisions.


13 comments on “Bought More Fabric. What About These?

  1. digipicsphotography says:

    I like the arrangement in your third pic.

  2. digipicsphotography says:

    Each fabric is emphasized, they don’t blend into the next one in you third photo. 🙂 I like that.

  3. The red group! But not sure in which order…sorry. LOL!

  4. Debra says:

    I like the red with the others more then the pink… not sure about the order though. I’m sure you’ll sort it out though and it’ll look great!

    I am finally finishing up the flat spiral stitch bracelet I meant to have for Halloween to go with my necklace and earrings. Decided at the last minute to do a double row, so will have to order a few more crystals to finish it, but it’s looking good. I did have a little harder time keep threat tensions tight on the second row, but its manageable. Looking for ward to finishing it up soon!

    • don_mae says:

      Thanks much!!

      The pink looks so pretty next to the main fabric I am using. But the burgundy photographs better next to the other fabrics. So I guess I will go with burgundy.

      Can’t wait to see your double row bracelet. Did you have any problems getting the 2nd row started?

      • Debra says:

        I just kind of picked a spot off of the side of the first row and strung on the beads to make the bottom of that loop, middle bead, and then the top, came back through a few times to make sure my thread tension would hold as it was sloppy at first and then did the outer side loop. Wasn’t too bad really.

        The hardest part I am finding with it is because my thread is so taut on the finished row, its hard to get between the beads in the connecting loops to pass through them.

  5. teresa says:

    Definately Burgandy

  6. Nancy says:

    very cool! It will be A W E S O M E!!!!

  7. Crystal says:

    Well, if it’s not too late . . . I’m voting for the hot pink! I think it’s just striking with the other fabrics! 🙂

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Crystal, thanks!!

      It’s not too late. I haven’t started cutting yet.

      I have been reading and re-reading the instructions. I am ready (I think) to start.

      Now… where is my Klutz glove? 😀

  8. Kokopelli says:

    *lol* I was about to ask where your Klutz glove is. You might need all your fingers to finish this project.
    And never ever ask me again how to arrange fabrics. I do it but I need AGES. 🙂

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