Let’s Talk Sewing Machines

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I have four sewing machines. 3 Janome and one Singer. Well, actually one Janome is a felter only.

The sad part is….. I don’t use any of them. 😦

I have to make a coiled fabric item by the end of November. For our November Challenge in the Crafters’ group I belong to. Last year I made a few baskets/bowls and a couple purses. I really enjoyed it.

So, sewing machines have been on my mind.

Until recently, I had only sewn on two sewing machines. My mom’s. It was a portable Singer with a snap-on carrying case. I sewed on it constantly during my teen years. She even let me take it to college for one semester.

Then, about five years after getting married, hubby surprised me with a brand new top-of-the-line Singer. It was the Cadillac of its day.

Here it is.

Singer Touch-N-Sew. Around the 70’s. It has parts and attachments I never did learn to use. Classes were offered. None of which I bothered to attend.

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Right now it is hidden away in a spare closet. Out of sight. I want to donate it to charity. Or toss it out. But every time I mention that it needs to go, that I need the space, hubby’s mood turns sour. You see, as he tells it, he worked overtime for months to buy it. Paid cash. I understand all that, I really do. But come on!! The 70’s!!

So, if you are keeping count of the machines I own, that is Sewing Machine #1.

Here’s #2.

Janome Memory Craft 10001.

I have had this one for about four years. Got it as a retirement present. To myself. It does a lot of stuff. Most of which I am clueless.

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Number 3

I bought this little baby Janome at the same time as buying the 10001. Called Sew Petite. Just to have. I didn’t think I would ever use it but did. Once. When #2 needed bobbin winder repairs. It works fine. Nothing fancy. Sews straight, zig zags and winds bobbins.

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Number 4

Janome Xpressions, a felting machine.

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It works GREAT!! From what I saw in the store over 3 years ago. Never used it. Just took it out of the box to photograph it. I am so glad all the parts were there. A bit late to be thinking about returning it. Anyway, I have several machine felting instruction books. One day soon I am going to try it.

My desire is to be a Three Sewing Machine household.

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BUT… how do I convince hubby to let go of #1?