Starting Over, With A Different Color

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So far, no trouble making this bracelet. I have (or had) three tubes of these 11/0 Toho Treasures in Rainbow Navy. Who names these things!! Does this look navy? More like cobalt blue or royal blue. They are cylinder beads and I like how they “snap” into place when I peyote.

But anyway… they should work and look like I originally planned for the green one.

2 circles done, 8 to go.

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The fuchsia 15/0’s aren’t so bad. Just took some getting used to. I did learn one thing. Not to pour out too many. Too hard to gather back up. Just pour out as many as I think I will need for the round being worked.

And another thing I have learned working with such tiny beads is to use a marker. Like in crochet. I kept losing my place and had to undo back to a familiar round. After doing this about a dozen times, I remembered what I did when crocheting in the round. Use a marker to mark my stitch.

So, why not do the same when beading in the round? What I do is simple. And a huge time saver. I use the tail thread. Put it into the “step up” bead. So when I complete a round, I know exactly where I am. Keep moving the tail thread to each new step up bead. And I tell you, IT WORKS!! I haven’t had to pull out beads and redo my work since.

BTW, thank you so much for your assistance in trying to help me locate the seed beads I was looking for. That odd Evergreen color. Evergreen Vitreal. I searched the sites you recommended but no luck. So far. But I’ll keep looking. I won’t scrap my green and rose WIP just yet.

2 comments on “Starting Over, With A Different Color

  1. Anita says:

    Where can I get the patterns for the things you have on your blog ? I can’t make them without a pattern.

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