Bracelet? Probably. Not Sure Where I Am Going With This.

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Another first for me. Working with size 15/0 seed beads. And not liking it. At all. Too tiny. Think colorful grains of salt. Sprinkled all over your beading table. They are so teeny tiny that if there WAS a flaw or chip, I wouldn’t see it. I can BARELY see the HOLE!!

Rose, I think. Though sometimes, under my Ott Lite, the rose looks peach.

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And get this. I even bought John Adams size 15 beading needles thinking I would need a super thin needle. But, duh, my beading thread won’t fit through the eye. Note to self: buy Super Fine Fireline. For now, I am doing OK with the needles and braided thread I normally use.

I have created these so far using the 15/0’s and 11/0 green cylinder seed beads.

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Started off with a peyote circle. Made two. Stitched the outer sides together. Any idea on what I did next? Aw, go on. Guess what I did. Cute, huh.

Now… what to do with them? They measure a little over an inch in diameter.

I am thinking bracelet. Connect them with a rose flat strip of peyote.

What would you do with them?

5 comments on “Bracelet? Probably. Not Sure Where I Am Going With This.

  1. Paula Lee says:

    When my friends and I use 15’s we usally use them for embellishing, they look good as picots or at the end of a crystal. Those circles are cute though. I would probably string a round crystal in the middle of them, maybe put 3 mm crystals around the edges and stich them together with peyote strips. You could also connect the three as a upside down triangular shaped pendant attached to a peyote necklace. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  2. Debra says:

    These donuts are cute, but wow! Those 15/o’s are tiny! I have thought about trying to work with them before but short version is no thanks. I’m already blind enough, thanks! lol You’re a braver woman then me, Donna.

    No suggestions what to do with your donuts, but sure you’ll come up with something awesome for them. You always have such neat ideas for your beads.

  3. don_mae says:

    OMG!! You are so right, Debra. Those 15’s make my beading really slow going. It takes forever. And I MAY go blind. Glad I only bought 3 tubes.

    Well, now I have a dilemma. I ran out of green 11/0’s and the place where I got them is no longer offering them. I am going to check the local Michaels and Joann’s to see if I can come close to the color. Only have 3 donuts, need at least 5. 😦

    My thoughts exactly, Paula Lee. I may end up with a pendant.

  4. ISABELA says:


  5. Kokopelli says:

    *lol* Is that a bead, a grain of salt/sugar or simply dirt? And I had the same problem wth needles and beading thread. Sometimes they just don’t fit through the beads.
    Nice work! Three or more of them linked together would make a nice centerpiece for a necklace.

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