Ruffles and Pearls Cuff Bracelet

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For some reason, my latest designs have been taking not just hours, but DAYS. And it is not even like I am switching from project to project due to boredom. Like I used to do. I am actually working on the same piece. Hours here, hours there.

Sometimes I am tempted to start on something equally delicious. I think about my next design and assorted color combos. But… I keep going.

Just finished this bracelet I am calling Ruffles and Pearls. My original design.

I started off with triangles. YIKES!! I am still stuck on triangles. 😀

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The plan was to make two, stitch them up and add a cute little triangle clasp. But the triangles only measured 5″.

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So…. I ended up with two partial triangles and a hexagon in the middle. Trying to make it longer. (You can see that cute little triangle clasp in this photo. It didn’t work. Too tiny.)

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This is the plain version.

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Here is the Ruffles (fringe) and Pearls version.

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Front view standing up.

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Around the wrist.

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The backside. I love this view. Looks like an apron tied from the back.

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And this is how it WOULD have looked.

With black roses. I was going to do a black beaded toggle bar to bring in the black.

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With large silver buttons. I really liked this look and would have gone with it had I had a 3rd button. I wanted one for the clasp closure. But only had the 2.

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Even thought of using this burgundy Jasper gemstone. Wouldn’t this stone be pretty as a cabochon?

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But my creative vision kept searching for the “right” look. And I found what I was looking for right there in my stash.

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Question for you…

Would you have used any of the unused ideas?

8 comments on “Ruffles and Pearls Cuff Bracelet

  1. Joede says:

    No, I wouldn’t have. The other buttons just didn’t fit in with the bracelet. I can’t get any plainer than that. What other color combinations are you thinking of?

  2. Debra says:

    I love what you decided to go with. The potato pearls are a nice touch. Gives it a little bit of an organic feel.

  3. Debra Oro says:

    I Love the end result ! Your creativity is out of this world, you are very talented ! I would have gone with the silver, only because it melts my heart ! But I really love the design !

  4. don_mae says:

    Thank you, everyone, for your comments on my bracelet. Really appreciate it.

    I plan to make a second one in probably black, white and gray.

    But first, I wanted to learn something new. I am teaching myself the herringbone stitch. Tubular Herringbone. If you haven’t tried it, it is really easy.

  5. Lisa says:

    Lovely design, as usual=D. Wonder what the black rose would look like layered with the silver button, surrounded by the potato pearls as “leaves”? Sigh….I so want to dig into my beading…darn remodel. Who needs a finished living space to bead, anyway? Lol!

  6. Maybe, if I hadn’t seen the finished piece first! The pearls and beads were perfect. Didn’t really care for the other things.

  7. marijoe says:

    Très joli bracelet merci du partage. Ce sera mon travail du week end.

    (Marijoe said: Thank you very nice bracelet sharing. This will be my weekend work.)

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