Donuts and Root Beer

Ha!! Bet you thought this post was about food. Or maybe a Halloween beverage?


The donuts are acrylic. And root beer is a color.

As in…….

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I bought the acrylic donuts at Auntie’s Beads back in July. I didn’t have any ideas. I liked the colors AND they were on sale. Always a plus.

The seed beads I have had for several years. The reason you see them in so many of my designs is because silly me bought too many.

I used up about a tablespoon making this bracelet. But mainly I used bronze. 8/0 seed beads.

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You are looking at 4 days work. On and off. Changing my mind every few hours.

Here’s me starting off. The seed beads in this photo didn’t make the cut.

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Switched to bronze and root beer. Looks like two triangles, huh?

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Nope. Four.

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And finished…. (The Swarovski pearls didn’t make it. Maybe my next design.)

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That should be The End, right?

But then I decided to make something I don’t usually make. A pendant. A matching donut pendant.

Worn with the acrylic donut down.

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Or up.

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And the set.

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Didn’t make any earrings yet. Might be too much bronze.

What do you think?

Earrings: Yes or No