More Photos From My Readers

I love seeing what YOU are making using something you read or saw here on my blog. Makes my day!!



This is from Lynne. A chocolate flat spiral stitch bracelet. Very pretty. And look at those earrings. Wow!!

Image Hosting by

She is working on more flat spiral bracelets and one with triangles. Can’t wait to see.



These next two are from Debra. Aren’t they great!! Flat spiral stitch.

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

I like her color choices and the larger beads she used for the core. (I’ll have to try that.) She is currently working on a bracelet using mostly crystals. Hope she shares a picture when finished.



And look at this photo from Mary Lou, one of the winners for my Display Table contest. She won $25 in craft supplies. Shown below.

Image Hosting by

Look at all that stuff. Looks like way more than $25!! (Once I got started packing, I couldn’t help myself. 😀 )



Well… that’s it for today. Thanks everyone for sharing your work and your photos. I will add the bracelet photos to my You Made It Gallery.

3 comments on “More Photos From My Readers

  1. Debra says:

    Thanks for sharing my pics Donna! Lynne’s piece is very pretty. I have a necklace and one earring done so far. Waiting to finish the set before I take photos.

    The necklace could actually double as a bracelet- it is just the right length to double around my wrist, but going to make an actual bracelet (probably two rows) too.

  2. Wow! Love Lynne’s bracelet and earrings! Very nice job!

    HEY! It’s Debra! I like your green one! 🙂

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