Making Pretty Triangles

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Have you had your fill of me making AND TALKING about the flat spiral stitch? Oh, go on, tell me. It’s OK. 😀 (But I really do love that stitch. See, Crystal, what you started.)

So… it is on to triangles. Pretty 3 sided shapes. A solid piece. Some with holes. Solid colors. Many colors. I will make a few. Until I get bored.

I made two so far.

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I think I have spent more time on ways to create something than on the actual beading time.

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I am still in the book, More Seed Bead Stitching by Beth Stone. On page 53. Working my way through it, picking out what catches my eye.

2 comments on “Making Pretty Triangles

  1. Deb says:

    I receive your “This Years Dozen” email and I just have to say I think you’re pretty amazing! I enjoy seeing all the creative items you make and wonder at your patience. Great job!

    • don_mae says:

      Hi Deb. Thanks so much for being one of my regular readers. And for letting me know you are enjoying my work. I really appreciate it.

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