Couldn’t Sleep Last Night


Those silly pink and wine spiral earrings.

They weren’t like I wanted. Didn’t turn out like I wanted.

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One looks like it has wings. And the other looks like the One Armed Man.

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Ha!! You knew I was going to take them apart, didn’t you.

To ensure beads were the same for both earrings, I separated them into two little containers. And did just as I said I would do. Strung 2 needles. Sewed 4 beads on one. Sewed the same on the other. And it worked.

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OK, I am happy now. Going back to bed.

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5 comments on “Couldn’t Sleep Last Night

  1. teresa curtis says:

    First I thought, “That is crazy, they are cute and no one would notice any imperfections.” Then I saw your new version and I have to admit….now they are perfect. 🙂

  2. digipicsphotography says:

    Looking good! Do you use thread or wire?

  3. don_mae says:

    Thanks, Teresa. Yep, I do believe you are right!! They are perfect. 😀

    Sharon, thanks!! I used Fireline. I like it. It is like thread but easier to remove a knot. It is strong like wire.

  4. Crystal says:

    Oh Donna!
    You crack me up! I love your last line:

    “OK, I am happy now. Going back to bed.”

    Although I am always drawn to things that have symmetry, my husband, who has an art background, always reminds me that in nature, not everything is symmetrical.

    I just did a little searching and found this info which might explain why you didn’t like your first design as much.

    “Famous Harvard mathematician, George David Birkhoff developed a mathematical formula which he believed could be used to gauge how beautiful and appealing a work of art was.

    Birkhoff’s formula relied on two abstract concepts: complexity and order (or symmetry). According to Birkhoff, if something is complex, it will be more appealing if it is less symmetrical. Alternatively, if something is highly-symmetrical, it is better if it is less complex.”

    Your first earrings were full of beads but since they were the “same” beads on both – it wasn’t a truly complex design (as it would have been if you just used lots of single random beads – different on each earring).

    Using the same beads for each (as most people would for earrings!) made the design less complex and so it “needed” symmetry?

    Interesting, yes? 😉

    Hugs, Crystal

    • don_mae says:

      Wow, Crystal!! That IS interesting.

      It sure explains why I was compelled to make those changes. I have tried to do a few asymmetrical pieces and usually end up “fixing” them. Though I just the other day made a new fall necklace that is half and half. Some parts of the design are the same. Some not. So far, I haven’t had the urge to change it. I like it.

      Thanks much for the post. I am sure my readers will find it interesting too. 😀

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