Spiral Stitch Bracelet and Earrings

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Finished!! These go with the necklace I made last week.

Bracelet can be worn separately or connected to the necklace to make it longer. And I made a matching pair of earrings.

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Can you believe I still have quite a bit of bronze and topaz seedbeads left. After making all of these.

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I guess I bought too much. I have cleared these colors off my work table and stored them away for the time being. Maybe I will bring them back out in the fall.

What color is on my work table now, you might ask?

Lavender. Pretty lavender.

Making a one piece spiral stitch necklace. My plan is to make it long enough to wrap several times. I’ll keep going until one of three things happen. Boredom sets in. I get sick of looking at the color. Or I run out of seed beads.

Oops. Just remembered. I haven’t taken ANY photos of it. I need to go do that now. I have about 25″ completed.

What are you working on?

Another Way To Extend Cord On Your Macrame Project

If you run out of macrame cord in the middle of your project, here’s another way to extend the cord.

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And check out my blog post from last year. More ways.


How are you extending the cord when you run out? Let us all know. Thanks!!