Wood Flowers, Watchfaces and Vinyl Tubing

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Add these together with a few seedbeads and what do you get?

Cute necklaces!! 3 of them. Orange, white and royal Blue.

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I still have a bit of work left to do on them. They need clasps. And I need to figure out how to connect the watchfaces to the wood flowers. I have several ideas. Just need to see which works best. I won’t use glue. I don’t do glue. It hates me.

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See the washers. I used 80 of the small #6 size. Came out really nice. I was surprised. These are the washers hubby got for me last year. Can’t believe it took me a year to come up with an idea.

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Watchfaces are temporarily attached with stringing wire. Until I come up with a permanent way to connect them.

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Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

This orange one will be different from the others. I cut an 11″ piece of tubing for the front. Back half will be chain links.

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I am just about out of vinyl tubing. Have enough to make a bracelet. Though I really like making these necklaces, not sure if I will buy more tubing. I bore quickly. Time to move on to something different.

2 comments on “Wood Flowers, Watchfaces and Vinyl Tubing

  1. Kokopelli says:

    Those are so cool! How about using little rivets or screws for attaching the watchfaces. That would add just a bit more of a technical/steampunk touch to them.

    • don_mae says:

      A little screw might work in the center.

      I was trying to save the hands. On the white one, they fell off as I was working and also the clock number markers started to fall off.

      I could try gluing the hands back on. After I screw the face to the wood.

      Thanks for the suggestion, Kokopelli!!

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