I Am So Excited!! Lookie At My New Watch!!

Went to my local watch repair store today. Took a bag of broken watches I couldn’t get the backs off. Took two watches I hoped to get repaired. Also took my new Steampunk earrings and the necklace I am working on. Wanted them to see what I was doing.

I have sad news, good news and 2 GREAT news.

Sad news first. It will cost $45 to fix one of the watches I really like. Before I proceed, I want to do some research to see if the watch is available on-line somewhere and what is the cost.

Good news. They didn’t charge me to remove the backs. Yay!! What nice people!!

Great news #1. This watch now works. It just needed a battery. I am wearing it now. I LOVE it. I love cuffs. Cuff anything.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

GREAT NEWS #2. The owner told me he has thousands of broken watches. I can buy however many I need. We didn’t discuss prices. I am sure he will give me a deal just to get rid of some of them. When I run out of watchfaces I got from eBay, I will definitely go back.

So… that was my news for the day. How’s your day going? Do anything interesting?

3 comments on “I Am So Excited!! Lookie At My New Watch!!

  1. Paula Lee says:

    See our watch is very special. Now all I have to do is get a battery for mine. I Like the steampunk earrings and when you add beads to steampunk you turn it into beadpunk. Very cool pieces once again. Have beady fun.

    • don_mae says:

      Thanks, Paula. I thought about you as I was wearing it. Hope you get a battery for yours soon. Yep, I am having beady fun!!

  2. Kokopelli says:

    How cool, that the cuff watch works now! After having my first sessions with my archery classes this week, I’ll relax today, do some embroidery (with and without beads) and visit my SIL and my cute little niece.

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