Things I Can No Longer Do

  1. untwist the caps on pop/soda bottles
  2. snap the top off a banana
  3. find the exact spot on “pull to open here” wrappings
  4. open a bag of ANYTHING without cleaning up spillage
  5. thread a needle on the first try
  6. feel the raised markers on computer keys F and J
  7. smile at crying babies, now I look at the parents, please stop
  8. enjoy a quiet day out due to loud cell phone abusers
  9. drive slow in the slow lane, fear of road rage in ALL lanes
  10. open any jar without the help of my blue “let the air out” thingy
  11. “I Can See Clearly Now”, the song. Not!!
  12. take a quick shower, my hands don’t move that fast
  13. walk down stairs normally, I take one step at a time
  14. remember last names, heck sometimes even 1st names!!

Getting older stinks!! 😀