Crochet Beanies and Necklaces: A Week’s Worth

This is what I have been working on for about a week. I meant to post a couple pictures a few days ago but just kept on making stuff.

And I learned two new stitches. Herringbone Half Double Crochet and Crossover.

Beanies/Caps/Hats with coordinated necklaces.

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Made this cute little purse. This is the Herringbone HDC stitch.

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Used cotton yarn for everything. Sugar n Cream and Lion Brand.

Patterns used:

  • Flowers, Crochet Bouquet by Suzann Thompson. Page 33, Simple 5  and Page 98, Six-Petal Traditional Rose.
  • Yellow hat, 100 Hats by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss. No. 75 on page 143.
  • Yellow purse, a mistake turned good. No pattern.
  • Other caps, used various stitches to create.

Felting A Purse: The Process

After reading through my books on how to felt in a washing machine, I decided to just do it. I tell ya, I had lots of pause moments. Lots of what if’s.

What if…..

  • water isn’t hot enough
  • fibers clog up the washing machine
  • purse falls apart
  • purse shrinks too much
  • purse shrinks not enough
  • no shrinkage happens AT ALL!!

Well, guess what? I worried for nothing.

The water was REALLY hot. And stayed hot enough for me to run the purse through three washing cycles. I didn’t trust that I would be at the machine right at the moment BEFORE it went into a spin (spinning is a no-no), so I stayed in the laundry room watching it like a hawk.

Instructions said to “look” at purse during the process. So… I stopped the wash cycle several times to look. The first time, I didn’t see any shrinkage at all. 😦 2nd time. A little. 3rd time. Now we were cooking with gas!! Yes!! Finally. The wool fibers were starting to tighten.

I didn’t need to worry at all about fibers clogging up the hose and drain. Since I put the purse in a zippered pillow case.

Here’s the amount of shrinkage. The outline shows the measurements before felting.

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Still drying. Stuffed with plastic bags, per the instructions.

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I LOVE IT!!!! It can stand up on its own.

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If you plan to felt anything in your washing machine, here’s a few things you need to know. Don’t allow the item to go through the spin cycle. Any folds or creases formed will be permanent. Always put the item inside of something to prevent wool fibers from clogging up your washing machine. Put a few other large items in there to assist with the agitation. I put in two pairs of old jeans and a huge dark towel.

Another suggestion: Try it first with an item you won’t be heartbroken if it doesn’t turn out as expected. Not your dream project that you spent months making.

I used Patons Classic Wool that I got at Michaels for half price. Perfect for a 1st felting project.

Here’s the BEFORE picture. Colors are brown, dark navy-almost black, royal blue, turquoise and beige.

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Three Firsts

Nature Shot of a “Red Bird”

I don’t usually take photos of birds. Don’t think I have EVER taken one. But I couldn’t resist seeing as a couple of my friends take beautiful close-ups of animals, birds and flowers.

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Hubby called me to come quickly to look out the bathroom window. A pretty Red Bird was staring back at us. He was enjoying the pink blossoms on a tree in our yard. RED stayed put long enough for me to run for my camera.

Reverse Single Crochet

Learned a new stitch a couple days ago. Reverse Single Crochet (rsc) or crab stitch, as some may call it. I had seen it in patterns before but always skipped right over it for 3 reasons. Didn’t know what it was, didn’t know how to do it and it was always at the end. The last step. Like a border. Figured, what the hay, I was done. But the time had come to just go for it. Learn it. Went to You Tube. Found quite a few on-line demonstrations. Liked this one best.

Here’s what it looks like. Kind of like a rounded spiral. At the top. Finishes it off nicely.

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Felted Purse, The Before Picture

This is how my 1st felted purse looked before the felting process.

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You can see the yarn design better in this next picture. I made the purse a bit larger than the pattern called for.

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I drew an outline of it so I could easily measure the shrinkage.

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Wish me luck. Hope I am pleased with the AFTER picture.

The Klutz Glove… Who Knew!!

One of my friends recently told me about a glove to protect my hands when using rotary cutters. The Klutz Glove. Isn’t that just THE perfect name!!

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I found this on You Tube.

There are lots of sites selling these gloves. After I complete my research (meaning the best deal), I will order one.

Also found several demonstrations on the proper use of rotary cutters.

What do you use to protect your non-cutting hand? Which rotary cutter do you use?

Attention Quilters: Am I Ready?

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As you can see from the above photo, there is no reason why I can’t start making a quilt top. I want to. I really do. I have the supplies I need to get started.

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Plenty of books.

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Well, you ask, what’s stopping me? I guess, my 10 fingers. And the thought of going through life minus a few of them.

I have a confession. I AM AFRAID OF MY ROTARY CUTTER. Cutters, actually, since I have several. Just looking at them makes me break out in a sweat.

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The one still in the packaging, unopened, was THE best, most expensive one I could find. Now I find out from someone who has one, it isn’t. Something about slippage and not cutting through the fabric cleanly. Then what the heck good is it!! I guess the best no longer means anything.

A friend told me about a glove with stainless steel threads. The kind used by fishermen. It may be cumbersome at first but at least I should feel safe. So… once I have one, I’ll get started. 😀

Things I Can No Longer Do

  1. untwist the caps on pop/soda bottles
  2. snap the top off a banana
  3. find the exact spot on “pull to open here” wrappings
  4. open a bag of ANYTHING without cleaning up spillage
  5. thread a needle on the first try
  6. feel the raised markers on computer keys F and J
  7. smile at crying babies, now I look at the parents, please stop
  8. enjoy a quiet day out due to loud cell phone abusers
  9. drive slow in the slow lane, fear of road rage in ALL lanes
  10. open any jar without the help of my blue “let the air out” thingy
  11. “I Can See Clearly Now”, the song. Not!!
  12. take a quick shower, my hands don’t move that fast
  13. walk down stairs normally, I take one step at a time
  14. remember last names, heck sometimes even 1st names!!

Getting older stinks!! 😀