Free Macrame Pattern: Square Deal

While browsing on-line looking at macrame cord at Kings Kountry, one of my macrame suppliers, imagine my surprise to see this.

A free pattern for Square Deal.

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Boy, did it bring back fond memories. Memories of me making these tissue box holders 24 by 7. Non-stop. I bet I made and sold over 100 of them back in the middle 80’s. I kept two for myself. A rust one and a white one. Both still being used today.

Here are a few photos of some of the square holders I made. (The pictures were polaroids and didn’t scan very well.)

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As you can see, Square Deal isn’t just for tissues. Can be used to hold or store just about anything. From plants, to candy, to gifts.

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I designed this Baby Shower gift box. Sold them in yellow, pink and blue with a cute ceramic bear in the front.

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No limits on what you can make with these square macrame rings. Follow the pattern. Change it up. Let your imagination be your guide.

Kings Kountry has also started something which I find intriguing. A book buyback. You submit a list of macrame books you are willing to part with. And if a book on your list is what they need, they will give you a store credit.

I have looked through my books. I have a few duplicates I could offer but the rest… no way, no how. I frequently look through them and say things like. “I remember you. I made you in blue and green.” Even after all these years, I still have MANY macrame items on my To Do List. So… will I offer my books? Probably not. However, if you have macrame books collecting dust and cobwebs, you should look into this.

While you are there, check out their other free patterns. I saw a cute Easter basket and a pretty plant hanger. And a folding lawn chair. You may remember when these were extremely popular. Let’s bring them back!!

5 comments on “Free Macrame Pattern: Square Deal

  1. Kokopelli says:

    While cleaning up Grandma’s apartment we found many old macramee and other crafting books. Fascinating, because many of the items from the 60’s and 70’s are now en vogue again.

  2. Debra says:

    I love the idea of using this as a flower box! It adds just the right amount of crafty to what might be an otherwise boring houseplant. 🙂

  3. Crystal says:

    In the 1980’s, a friend made the Easter baskets for my kids. She made a little matching bunny (just a few knots and a matching bead). They are too cute! The kids used them every Easter. Still have them and they look as good as new. It’s fun to see the old macrame ideas returning. 🙂

  4. don_mae says:

    Next month I am going to make a Square Deal and post the pictures to go with their directions. Sometimes it is easier to “see” how something is made rather than just read about it.

    Yep, Crystal, I have many macrame things I made way back when that have held up well. One thing I did recently toss was a large Christmas wreath. It was matted and beyond saving. I put it on my front door for YEARS. Hated to toss it.

  5. Nita Tassin says:

    How can I get a pattern for the square deal tissue box.

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