Free Macrame Pattern: Square Deal

While browsing on-line looking at macrame cord at Kings Kountry, one of my macrame suppliers, imagine my surprise to see this.

A free pattern for Square Deal.

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Boy, did it bring back fond memories. Memories of me making these tissue box holders 24 by 7. Non-stop. I bet I made and sold over 100 of them back in the middle 80’s. I kept two for myself. A rust one and a white one. Both still being used today.

Here are a few photos of some of the square holders I made. (The pictures were polaroids and didn’t scan very well.)

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As you can see, Square Deal isn’t just for tissues. Can be used to hold or store just about anything. From plants, to candy, to gifts.

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I designed this Baby Shower gift box. Sold them in yellow, pink and blue with a cute ceramic bear in the front.

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No limits on what you can make with these square macrame rings. Follow the pattern. Change it up. Let your imagination be your guide.

Kings Kountry has also started something which I find intriguing. A book buyback. You submit a list of macrame books you are willing to part with. And if a book on your list is what they need, they will give you a store credit.

I have looked through my books. I have a few duplicates I could offer but the rest… no way, no how. I frequently look through them and say things like. “I remember you. I made you in blue and green.” Even after all these years, I still have MANY macrame items on my To Do List. So… will I offer my books? Probably not. However, if you have macrame books collecting dust and cobwebs, you should look into this.

While you are there, check out their other free patterns. I saw a cute Easter basket and a pretty plant hanger. And a folding lawn chair. You may remember when these were extremely popular. Let’s bring them back!!