Number 101, THE END: Blue Monday

I knew this day would come.

This is my LAST SQUARE for Project 101. Number 101.

How fitting is it that I used blue yarn? AND today is a Monday.  I am a bit “blue.”  THE END.  And it is oh so bitter sweet.

I am happy to have accomplished something I set out to do and see it to the finish. But I am sad to see this project come to an end. I was delighted to get started each morning. Not knowing what challenges I would face. Each square offered different techniques and different ways to create a square.

I am not even afraid of Puff Stitches any longer. This entire square is nothing but puff stitches. Puff stitches??  Hmmm. I can remember attempting to make my very first one months ago. That ONE puff took one hour. I could not get the hook through all those loops. But I have come a long way, baby!! Only took me an hour to finish this entire square.

Well, here it is… drumroll….

Square 42

  • colonial blue
  • hook G
  • measures 6 1/2″
  • puff stitch

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The reason I selected this square as the last was so I could strut my stuff. Telling myself I no longer needed a crutch.  Did not need to insert the plastic needle through the loops to slide the hook through. Nope, didn’t. I learned a new trick along the way to get the hook through all those loops. Pinch the bottom of the yarn as I pull through the top. It works for me every time.

So many things were learned. Maybe I’ll do a post on them. Later.

But today I just want to enjoy the thrill of accomplishment.  Hope you enjoyed each and every square.  To those of you who bought the book or plan to do so, good luck to you. Hope you will have as much fun as I did.

Thank you for following me from the first square to the last.  And especially thank you for your encouragement when I needed it.

Patterns can be found in the book, 101 Crochet Squares, by Jean Leinhauser.

Go to my Photo Gallery to see them all.