Flying Saucer Crochet Square

Have you ever thought you might be doing something wrong but kept at it anyway. Just being stubborn and hard headed. Just knowing for sure your way was right.

Even though it looked stupid!! Yep, me too. Many times.

Here’s one of them.  The Very First Flying Saucer Crochet Square. LOL!!

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This is how it all begin…. I decided to make a crochet square in all wool. My first. Looked at the directions for special stitches. Only clusters. OK. No problem.

Image Hosting by

Rounds 1-2.

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Round 3. Looking a bit odd, but ok, don’t second guess…

Image Hosting by

Round 4. Really starting to look weird, but ok, no second guessing!!

Image Hosting by

Round 5. LOL!! What time is take off!!

Image Hosting by

Round 6 I never got to. I figured it would just get bigger and sillier.

Here’s me starting Round 3 over. (And I didn’t find out until I was done, that I STILL DID IT WRONG!!)

Image Hosting by

NEW Round 4.

Image Hosting by

New Round 5 & 6, and done!!

Image Hosting by

BTW, this is Square 53 from the book, 101 Crochet Squares. Used Patons wool. Red, ivory and turquoise. Hook G. Measures 6 3/4″. My 2nd mistake was starting off on the “side” of the shell and not the chain spaces “between” the shells. Oh well. You learn from your mistakes, don’t you!!

If you are looking for me… I am somewhere hiding eating crow. 😀

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