Want To Learn To Crochet?

Then go for it. Don’t wait.

For my whole life, as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to learn to crochet. But I never tried it. Don’t know why. I just didn’t. Until a year ago. Now I find myself playing catch up. Crocheting day and night to make all the things I previously could only look at.

I have come a long way since the days of struggling with slip knots and chain stitches. To help me get to where I am today, I spent hours and hours READING about crocheting. The Terms. The Stitches. The Techniques. Tips from everybody everywhere. Each experienced crocheter has developed their own favorite ways of doing things. Try them, change them up to the way you like. Develop your own way. Don’t be afraid to change the pattern instructions. Rip it out if it doesn’t work and try again.

In addition to buying crochet pattern books, there’s thousands of free patterns on-line. Free patterns can also be found on the back of yarn labels. Do a search for crochet videos on-line. Many sites offer help on how to get started. Check YouTube. You can follow along with the instructor. And don’t forget your friends and family. Chances are you have expert advice within arms reach. Ask for help if you need it.

Oh, before I forget. One more thing. Classes. Check to see if your local craft stores offer crochet classes. I took one at JoAnn’s. I only learned the basics. How to hold the hook, make a slip knot, do single crochet stitch. By the time I signed up for this class, I was already crocheting scarves. I just wanted to validate what I was doing. That I was on the right track. And I was.

I am sure everyone is different as to what project you were working on when the “lightbulb” turned on and you finally GOT IT. For me it was granny squares and flowers. Working in the round. Once I figured out how to make petals, there was no turning back.

I have stacks of patterns printed out that I want to try. And hundreds more in books I purchased. Everything I see I want to try it. Right now, as you all know, I am investing lots of time working through the book 101 Crochet Squares by Jean Leinhauser. I am going to crochet every square in her book. Then my plan is to make different things from these squares. Pillows, purses, scarves, slippers (yep, there’s a pattern using granny squares), table runners, afghans, etc.

I am 65 years young and hope to have many more years to enjoy this wonderful craft.

So… if you want to learn to crochet, go buy a skein of yarn and a crochet hook. Start today. Don’t delay another second. The joy of seeing the beautiful things you can handcraft will be worth it.

7 comments on “Want To Learn To Crochet?

  1. digipicsphotography says:

    Amen! 😀

  2. Summer says:

    I absolutely do want to learn to crochet. 🙂 I’ve tried a couple times, including having a few friends sit me down to show me how, but I just haven’t really gotten very far with it. I just so very regret resisting when my mom tried to teach me, because it was “an old lday craft” hehe!!

  3. Katie says:

    Love your blog and visit it often! I started crocheting a few years ago as a New Year’s resolution to “Learn Something New”. I took a class at my local Park District. Now this spring I will be assisting teaching the same class. I can totally relate to your post. I have binders full of patterns I’ve found on the Internet or sheets I picked up in yarn aisles at stores and a shelf full of books and pamphlets. I look forward to reading many more posts and seeing what you create from all your granny squares.

  4. Crystal says:

    I really believe that watching your enthusiam about crocheting these past months is what has inspired me to pick up my crochet hook again! I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed it and I want to thank you so much for reminding me! 🙂

    And as you say, with the internet now, the patterns are endless!

    One thing is for sure… whether it’s crocheting or another craft – you are an inspiration! 😀

  5. don_mae says:

    Everyone, thank you so much.

    Summer, I think that was the reason I didn’t try it sooner. I always associated crocheting with my grandmother’s doilies.

    Katie, good luck teaching your class. I would like to do something like that one day. Sounds like fun.

    Crystal, you are welcome. Crocheting sure is addictive. I don’t want to stop.

  6. Florentina says:

    I have used to crochet when I was a little girl and made such wonderful things! After reading your posts about crocheting I think I will try it again. I think this is something that once you learn you can never forget!

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