Trumpet, Butterfly and the Perfect Square

3 more crochet squares finished from the book, 101 Crochet Squares by Jean Leinhauser.

Square 5 – Trumpet

I have to confess. I didn’t even know what a trumpet was. Until making this square. It is supposed to stick up high, I guess, but I like it better pushed down.

Image Hosting by
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Didn’t care much for how the flower petals were made though. Looked a mess as I was making it. Kept getting confused into which stitch to stick the hook.

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And of course, I made changes. I added an extra round of double crochet stitches to the square. The flower takes up a lot of the square space so I wanted it bigger. It looks so much better.

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Also added a “center” to the trumpet. Was too plain. I love this square!! I will probably use pattern to make more squares but not the flower or trumpet.

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Square 6 – Butterfly

How cute is this!!

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Another square that I like.

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

The only change I made was to the butterfly. I added a finishing row of single crochet stitches along the top. The butterfly is kind of huge. If I make it again, I’ll use a smaller hook size.

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Square 9 – My Favorite

So far, this square is now my New Favorite. It is petite, easy to make even with all the color changes. I LOVE IT!! And will definitely make something from it. With G hook, it makes up as 4″.

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5 comments on “Trumpet, Butterfly and the Perfect Square

  1. Crystal says:

    Have I told you how much I love the color combinations you are using for all of your squares?

    Well, I do!!! 😀

    Lots of lovely choices – some coordinating and some for contrast. All beautiful! 🙂

    P.S. The butterfly is adorable!

  2. digipicsphotography says:

    By now you should have enough squares for an afghan!

  3. Celia says:

    Did you find out what a Trumpet is? It is a big beautiful Daffodil. Perhaps you would like to try the square using yellows?

  4. DJDesigns says:

    Love the butterfly! The crochet is inspiring but I wish you were beading again. I’m heading to the big Tucson shows and would like to get even more pumped up!

  5. don_mae says:

    Hi everyone. Sorry, I’m a bit behind in commenting on my comments. 😀

    I love mixing up colors. I try to use the same colors used in the book but have changed a few to colors I like better.

    I do have enough squares to start an afghan but will wait a while. I have placed them on the rug to see how they might look. My colors are all over the place. Will have to bring them together with a white border or maybe black.

    The trumpet in the book was on a yellow daffodil. LOL!! If I make another one, I’ll do it in yellow. I am learning so much making these squares.

    DJ, I love beading. I just have too much inventory right now to make any more stuff. And I am too lazy to list them on Etsy. Sometime, later this year, I hope to get back to beading. Have fun at the bead shows.

    Thanks for your comments. Really appreciate them.

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