Crochet Squares 46, 47 & 50

Laying off this project for 6 months paid off. I am better at reading crochet patterns. I knocked these three squares out in one day.

A couple firsts. Puff stitch and blocking.

Square 46

  • navy and mustard acrylic yarn
  • hook h
  • measures 7″ by 7″

No problems making this one after I realized the triple crochet stitches start half way up the points. It’s pretty and I will definitely make more. I am thinking table runner.

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

Square 47

  • navy acrylic yarn
  • hook h
  • measures 8 1/2″ by 8 1/2″
  • cluster stitches

This square KICKED my bee-hind!! If I was making a bowl, I would have been happy with the results. I could not figure out where I was going wrong.  Ripped out the stitches twice. Almost gave up.

Started off OK.
Image Hosting by

Here’s where I begin to go off pattern.
Image Hosting by

And here is my mess. Nothing is where it is supposed to be.
Image Hosting by

Time for a timeout to regroup. To reread the directions. To restudy the photo. If you make this square, pay close attention to Round 4. Where it tells you to “sk next 7 sts”, do exactly that even though it takes you into the next petal. OK, problem solved. All it took was for me to follow instructions to the letter and not always assume the pattern creator forgot their morning coffee. 😀

Back on track.
Image Hosting by

This pattern has a few cluster stitches. I like making them. Here’s one on my hook.
Image Hosting by

And done. Pretty isn’t it? I may make more. But think I will drop down to hook G. Make it smaller.
Image Hosting by

Square 50

  • colors: dusty purple, purple & dusty rose
  • used Lion Brand, Vanna’s Choice, acrylic
  • hook h
  • measures 9″ by 9″
  • puff stitch

My learning curve went up a notch or two making this square. I finally figured out how to master the Puff Stitch. If you remember, 6 or 7 months ago, I spent an hour making ONE puff stitch until I gave up. Not this time. Not gonna let it beat me.

I used my plastic sewing needle to guide my hook through all those loops. Cool, huh!! Try it, if you are having a problem pulling the yarn through. Sure, it adds a few seconds but at least you don’t have to admit defeat.

Image Hosting by

Here I am. With quite a few puffs done. And I figured out how to get the hoop through without using the plastic needle.
Image Hosting by

Done, sprayed with water, tacked down and drying. My first crochet item to block. I am hoping the shape will be a perfect square when it dries.
Image Hosting by

I have to admit… There is one part not done. The last part of the instructions. The Petals Round. Doing something with Round 2’s purple puff stitches. I have no clue what it is telling me to do. I am happy with it as is.

For the next squares, I am switching back to Hook G.

Patterns found in 101 Crochet Squares by Jean Leinhauser.


5 comments on “Crochet Squares 46, 47 & 50

  1. Wadda says:

    How do you find the patterns for these squares or are they just for show? Please advise.


    • don_mae says:

      Hi there. You can find all of the patterns I am making in my Project 101 in the crochet book by Jean Leinhauser. The book is called 101 Crochet Squares.

  2. jenn says:

    very nice! i especially like #46. it’s great that you show the individual steps in your process.

  3. Kokopelli says:

    Four or five of No. 46 would make a nice tablerunner for Christmas. Like a Star of Bethlehem pattern.

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