Making a Halloween Necklace

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Usually Halloween comes and goes without much fanfare around my house. I do love the combo black and orange colors though but prefer to look rather than make. “Usually.”

This year I decided to make a necklace. Nothing fancy. Something fast and simple. I probably won’t wear it. Will either give it away or just save it to drag out each Oct 31st.

Mostly I used supplies on hand but did go out and buy the Halloween charms a few days ago from Michaels. The other supplies came from King Kountry (macrame cord), Munro Crafts (earring hoops & glue), Michaels (large jump rings & black plastic beads) and Fire Mountain Gems & Beads (small jump rings).

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I first opened the earring hoops and hooked nine of them together. Then applied glue to each hoop to keep them from pulling open. I decided to use these hoops since they are lightweight.

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Next, I started tying square knots using the hoop as filler and just tying knots around it. I made 5 black circles and 4 orange ones. Black on each end.

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After finishing all the circles, I added a strap made with square knots to the black end circles. The closure is a square knot button in the back. Cord slides through the SK button and ties in a bow.

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I doubled all the Halloween charms and dangled them from jump rings. Added the black plastic beads as an accent.

Necklace can be worn two ways. Charms on one side are different from the charms on the back.

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It was easy. Go ahead and make one for yourself.

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I decided to list this necklace in my Etsy Shop.

4 comments on “Making a Halloween Necklace

  1. Txcty says:

    Very kewl!!

  2. Crystal says:

    Oh Donna,
    You are so creative! If I am ever shipwrecked on a deserted island, or maybe one of the cast on the TV show, “Survivor”, I want you to be with me! You can look at anything and envision it in a totally different form. To macramé earring hoops, and then make them into a necklace is just ingenious! 🙂

  3. don_mae says:

    I had SO much fun putting this necklace together. I had more hoops added but stopped at 9 and pulled the rest off. 9 was enough!! 😀

    Crystal, I love Survivor!! I like how sometimes they craft and make bracelets and necklaces. Yep, I could see the two of us as partners. With your earrings and my necklaces, we would be Surviving Fashionistas!!

  4. jojobean2020 says:

    I’m new and have a question. When you make your knots all around the ring how do you finish off the last ring? Just cut the cord and weave the ends in?
    Thanks you!

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