Made My 1st Beaded Eyeglass Holders

Sunday, August 23

No pictures to show you BUT I have been really busy. Making stuff.

Made lots of beaded eyeglass holders. Crystals, glass beads, wood, gemstones, pearls, seed beads. Whatever was sitting not being used. They came out nice. I think. Not sure how long they should be. I watched a lady on YouTube making them. She cut the wire 36″ long. So that is what I did. I tried one on a pair of my glasses and the length was perfect. Maybe I’ll make a few shorter AND longer just to make sure I have a variety for my upcoming craft shows.

Also made more macrame jewelry. I really like working with ribbon crimps. They are so cool. Anyone know how long they have been around? I only just discovered them several months ago. I even asked for them at one of the craft places I frequent. They never heard of them. I got mine at Fire Mountain Beads on-line.

One bracelet I made with crown knots. It is REALLY cute. Think I will make more. I am experimenting with the best clasp, the best closure.

I checked on the repair status of my sewing machine on Friday. Was told I am #22 and the repairman was currently working on #16. They have had it for one week. Not happy!! I could be sewing coiled fabric baskets.

But it’s OK. I haven’t beaded anything in a long time. It felt good dragging out all the tools and supplies necessary to make jewelry. For about 5 minutes I had to think where I had put my crimps. Started to panic when I couldn’t find them and couldn’t remember where I put them. But I did find them. Right where I left them… about 8 months ago.

I’ll take pictures tomorrow to show you. It’s been a dreary, rainy kind of day in my parts. Hope you are having better weather than I am.

4 comments on “Made My 1st Beaded Eyeglass Holders

  1. I’d like to see pictures…when you get a bit unbusy. šŸ™‚

    • don_mae says:

      Getting ready to set up my homemade picture studio.

      Folding display board
      Heavy book to keep it from falling over
      Chair to get close-ups

      All in the master bath on the counter. The one room with the best light in the house. šŸ˜€

  2. I don’t see the camera…

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