Breaktime!! Thanks, JoAnn’s…

Friday, August 14

Ahh, just what I needed. A break from sewing coiled fabric bowls.

I love how Michael’s and JoAnn’s compete for my 2 cents. Really. My 2 cents. As in… my dollars. I often wonder how one knows the other sent me an e-mail alert announcing great deals and coupons.

Because shortly after I open one e-mail, here comes a similar one from the other.

NO PROBLEM for me. I get to browse on-line for the best deals before starting up the car.

JoAnn’s will have thread on sale next week. Buy 1, get 1 free. Am sooooo glad I didn’t rush out when I ran out of brown thread. Now I can stock up on brown, royal blue (for my Barbie fabric) and whatever colors I am out of now.

BUT today is Friday!! That means I can’t resume this until next week.

Image Hosting by

It was turning into a big mess anyway. Shaped funny. One side pulling in. The other side slanted the way it should. Time for a break from sewing. Time to do some RIPPIN’.

Actually, time to take my Janome 10001 in for broken-bobbin-winder repairs. No sewing on it for at least 2 weeks.

Breaktime!! Thanks, JoAnn’s.


One comment on “Breaktime!! Thanks, JoAnn’s…

  1. Paula Lee says:

    You just make me laugh sometimes. I was just printing out Michaels and A.C. Moore online coupons! I really look forward to your blog.
    I wish I had the time and energy to do as much as you do. The fabric bowls are fabulous by the way. I’ll probably never do this myself but it’s fascinating to see how it’s done and I can appreciate the work that goes into it too. Thanks!

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