Barbie Fabric Bowls or Bags

Thursday, August 13

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Barbie Fabric Bowls?? Well, they started off as round bowls. But along the way to the finish line they turned into handbags. Purses. I am thinking slumber bag for the larger one and going to grandma’s for the smaller one.

I would carry the larger one even knowing it was made from Barbie fabric. It’s not that obvious. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed it, if I hadn’t told you, huh?

I have a bit of hand sewing left to do on the smaller bag. Dreading it. I can’t use a thimble, my fingers won’t hold onto one. So, I have to tape my fingers to reduce pricks and that slows me down.

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The larger one was a challenge. I wanted to put grommets on the sides so I could string the straps through but neither me nor hubby could get the darn thing to work. The two parts would NOT mash together and hubby is pretty strong!! I am returning it for a refund. I ended up using silver split rings. Looks ok to me. I reinforced the area so it is strong enough to hold the usual weight of a ladies purse. Strap can be carried doubled or long.

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The smaller bag has two 4″ Marbella rings for handles.

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It also has a pocket inside.

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It doubles as a bowl to hold all those little girl things. Just fold the top down. Oh yeah, the larger bag also doubles as a tall bowl to hold all those big girl thingys. πŸ˜€

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There’s lots more Barbie fabric left. About 6 yards. Maybe I’ll make more bowls. I have an idea for a placemat and coasters. Doll size. For playing house. Or a border for a picture frame.

Lot of ideas. Just need to sit, sew and create.

2 comments on “Barbie Fabric Bowls or Bags

  1. crystal says:

    There you go again!!! πŸ™‚

    Making such pretty bags! Both are wonderful, but the small one is just adorable!!!

    What a great gift idea for a young Barbie fan to have her own purse that comes with a doll-size placemat and coasters tucked inside!

    • don_mae says:

      Thanks, Crystal!!

      Just back from taking my sewing machine in for repairs. 25 machines ahead of mine. I won’t be sewing anything for about 2 weeks. $90. Ouch!! For the bobbin winder. Repairman said he has to take the whole bobbin thingy out and while it is out, he will oil and check everything else. Huh?? I mentioned when I take my car in for an oil change, they don’t check everything else. Repairman said that is how they do it. Oh well…

      My Barbie placemat and coasters will have to remain a vision. For now.

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