Macrame Pull Bells, Wind Chimes

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Just finished making the black and white one yesterday. Made the red and green one last week. These don’t take long… once you get started. The hardest part is working with such LONG cords. Each cord is 11 yards long. I make a game of it. I see how long it takes me to get down to “two pulls”. That is, arm lengths of pulling. Twelve pulls, 11 pulls, ten pulls, and so forth when pulling the cords through as I tie knots.

These are called Button Pull Bells. Swinging back and forth, bells moving at the slight breeze. I am thinking hanging from the porch. Wind Chimes.

Pattern uses just basic macrame knots and they are quite easy to make. Crown Knots to start. Then rows of Square Knot Buttons. Finished off with a 2 row SK Sennet and tie on the bells.

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I used 8 square shaped bells painted black and white, like a cow, for the black and white pull bell. Used four gold bells, same shape, for the red and green one.

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The macrame cord is washable in case they get dusty if used outdoors. Just soak and allow to air dry.

Supplies used:

  • 44 yards of 1st color
  • 44 yards of 2nd color
  • 2″ round Marbella ring
  • 4 or more medium sized square bells
  • tiny ribbon to tie on the bells

Pattern instructions can be found in ‘Twas the Knot Before Christmas…, by Judy Palmer and Lois Anderson, Quality Craft Instructions published by Pat Depke, Inc, Copyright 1978, PD-1051.