Making a Fabric Bowl

Monday, July 13

This is what I am working on today. Saw this fabric bowl on-line at Craft Stylish and loved it.

Image Hosting by

Here’s the fabric I am using. I probably should have selected more prints, patterns. But I like these together. We’ll see…

Image Hosting by

Instructions call for 50 feet of cotton clothesline. I checked several dollar stores but they were sold out. So… next best thing? Use some macrame cord instead. It is about the same diameter and soft enough to sew through. There’s plenty of it. 60 yards. Plus I don’t like the feel of this cord anyway. Too hard on my hands. I am happy to finally use it for something.

I hope it works. Wish me luck!!

2 comments on “Making a Fabric Bowl

  1. Jacque of jackpottreasures or jacqpottreasures says:

    Love it,Donna & those colors are great together for sure. My pattern is quite different. Will see if I can find it. If I remember correctly it is much less labor intensive. Will share if my round tuit finds it.

    • don_mae says:

      Thanks, Jacque!! I am having fun mixing and matching fabric. I wish you could have found your pattern. Curious to see how it differs from this one. I ordered It’s A Wrap last night. A book with fabric baskets, bowls, purses. Can’t wait to get it!!

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