How To Tie A Macrame Square Knot Button

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Isn’t this macrame purse really pretty.* Though the pattern is decades old, it still works today. Maybe with a different handle. Just wanted to show you what a row of Square Knot Buttons looks like.

Follow along with my tutorial and you can make your own Square Knot Buttons.

How To Tie A Macrame Square Knot Button

Step 1: Find the centers of 2 cords and reverse larks head onto a ring.

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Step 2: Tie Square Knots (I have tied 6) to begin your SK Button. Drop down about 1/4 inch to create an opening for filler cords (the 2 middle cords) to go through.

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Step 3: Continue tying square knots. (I tied 6)

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Step 4: Take the 2 filler cords (the 2 middle cords) and push through the opening created in Step 2. One cord per hole. Front to back.

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Pull middle cords down firmly, tight against the back. A circle of square knots is formed.

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Here’s the side view.
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Here’s the front view.
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Step 5: Tie one square knot with the outer tying cords UNDER the circle of knots to hold button in place.

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Congratulations!! You have just created a Square Knot Button.

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The number of square knots needed to create a button is optional. Use whatever you wish to create the size button you want. I usually use 5 or 6.

If you are creating your own pattern or design, throw in a few of these for variety. Also SK buttons are a quick way to use up longer lengths of cord if for some reason you measured incorrectly and cut cords too long.

Here are photos of a plant hanger with SK Buttons.

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* Picture of Womanly Treasure and Girlish Pleasure found in Macra-Mates, Mother-Daughter Purses. #7411 Plaid Enterprises 1980.


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