Made More Macrame Plant Hangers

Friday, May 29

Made more plant hangers in the last couple days.  A light blue one. In the same pattern as the gray one I posted the tutorial for.

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Also made a 5 ft lavender plant hanger with square knot buttons. I’ll have to show you how to make the buttons. They are cool, quick and easy to make.

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Plus the SK button is perfect for the “cord switch”. Which is necessary to control cord lengths and ensure you don’t end up with yards and yards of leftover filler cords.

I have a dark brown one almost finished. I cut the cord years ago. I don’t even remember what was planned. I just know that 16 cords of 4 yards each were already on a ring tied with a wrap knot. So… I got started making “something”. It is so far turning out nicely. I am making up the design as I go. It will be a short plant hanger since I only have 2 yard cords to work with. Should be good for hanging on the porch or some spot requiring a smaller plant.

Pictures for the brown one coming up soon. Just wanted to tell you what I am working on now.