Square 26

Thursday, May 28

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Looking at this square, you would probably think all went well, since it looks OK. Nothing could be further from the truth. THIS square gave me fits!!

I couldn’t figure out how to match up my stitching with the pattern instructions. I know there was a mistake somewhere (on my part or on the instructions part, not sure). I am still a newbie crocheter so it took awhile to figure out where I went wrong and how to correct it. Ripped the offending row out and started over.

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Here’s where I got stumped, in case you make this square. You start off with 24 single crochets (in blue) and instructions next say to make a cluster (in white) in the next SC, 12 times. Hey!! That leaves 12 SC, right!! RIP IT. Started over, proceeded with “skip a SC” to complete this row. Somehow, still ended up with no where to put the last cluster. I jammed it in anyway. If you look close, you will see my jammin’.

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No photos to show you for the next yellow round. No problems with it.

And here I am, headed to the finish.

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I like the pattern and the colors. I used the same colors as the book. I may even make more squares and make up something.

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Yarn used:
Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream 100% cotton in Soft Ecru, Hot Blue and Sunshine (yellow).

Measures 5 1/2″.

Special stitch used: Cluster

Go here for pattern instructions.

101 Crochet Squares is by Jean Leinhauser, American School of Needlework, published 1996, ISBN 978-0-88195-715-0.

One comment on “Square 26

  1. digipicsphotography says:

    See, you’re learning. Sometimes the instructions are off kilter and you have to improvise. I’ve done that more times than I can count, but it usually comes out right. Thank goodness for pictures.

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