Crochet Square 14

Thursday, May 14

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Another square finished. Square 14. I was delighted to find this design in my 101 Crochet Squares book. I had seen it on other sites and loved it but wasn’t sure how it was made.

It is really quite easy. Each little ruffle part has 5 double crochets. Skip a stitch, 5 dc, skip a stitch, 5 dc. All around in one color, change colors, go around again.

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In between the ruffles is the square foundation part. The section the ruffles are stitched to. You can’t see that part unless you lift up the ruffles.

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This is too pretty for an afghan. I can’t see myself laying down and smashing all these ruffles. Maybe a cover for those boutique designer tissue boxes. Or a wall hanging. Front of a handbag, maybe.

I love it so I will have to think of what to do with it.

Yarn used:
Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream 100% cotton in Pink Rose, Cream and Hot Pink.
Lion Brand 100% cotton in Orchid/Fuchsia.

Measurements: 6″

How many squares have I done? Here’s my tracker.

Go here for pattern instructions.

101 Crochet Squares is by Jean Leinhauser, American School of Needlework, published 1996, ISBN 978-0-88195-715-0.

2 comments on “Crochet Square 14

  1. Naan says:

    I WANT TO LEARN THIS ONE. I think making a bohemian coat with it for the winter will be pretty cool, plus the ruffles will make it warmer…. I think…..Or I am just in love with the ruffle effect lol. I LOVE IT. I wish I was discipline to finish what I begin though, but would love to try this one.

  2. don_mae says:

    Go for it, Naan!! Go get your crochet hook now!! 😀

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