Making Crochet Angel Dishcloths

Wednesday, April 15

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This angel dishcloth is so cute. Found the pattern on-line and just had to try it. Don’t know why I bother buying pattern books since it seems there are millions for free.

One thing though about the free ones. Some have errors in the directions and also typos. But they are free, so I have to take the good with the bad and work through the unclear parts.

I used cotton yarn. Lily Sugar ‘n Cream. The smaller size skein. Each angel used up one skein. I covered a 2″ gold metal ring for the hanger.

The pattern calls for tacking down the wings but when I did that, it no longer looked like an angel. Looked like a doll’s dress. So I untacked them. I went around the whole thing with a row of single crochet. It makes it look finished.

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Here’s the pattern in case you want to make your own angel. It was easy to make.