The Shell Stitch & All Things Teal

Wednesday, March 18

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Just had my last sip of water around 45 minutes ago. Sitting here thinking about my cataract surgery in the morning, reread the list of don’t’s and need to remember to take my glasses with me. I am ready!! Ready to see clearly with BOTH eyes. Need them for crocheting….

Look what I have been working on. The Shell Stitch. I like it but boy is it tedious. It has to be just so or it won’t look like a shell.

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I am following a pattern in this crochet book from Better Homes and Gardens. Distributed exclusively by Leisure Arts.

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There are some really nice projects in this book and I am making two of them. From the same skein of yarn. A cap from one end and a headband from the other. Lucky me, I will have enough yarn for both.

Here I am starting off the headband. Several rows completed. I am making the pink one.

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Headband measures 22″ and I am at 9 1/2″. I have a ways to go.

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My hat on the other end is just about finished. I am adding a few extra rows. (There I go again. Making changes.) I just noticed that the INCREASES created a triangle pattern. Like slices of pie. The stitches look “cleaner” not messy where the increases are. I think I will make a few more hats using these directions.

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I also made this clutch from that SAME skein of teal yarn. Hubby saw it and his first words were, “You are getting fancy!!” Indeed I am.

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For those following along… no, I haven’t started quilting yet. But I did buy a new rotary cutter and pinking shears from Michaels. Used a 50% off coupon for both. Had to make 2 trips though. I am seeing lots of pretty things made from quilting. The urge to sew is getting stronger.

Wish me luck tomorrow. I’ll be back soon to tell you all about it. Patch and all.


2 comments on “The Shell Stitch & All Things Teal

  1. digipicsphotography says:

    Good luck with your eye surgery. Hubby had that done and it really makes a difference.

  2. don_mae says:

    Thanks!! I am hoping to no longer need glasses.

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