Flashlight Beading

Monday, December 29

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Being one of 400,000 in Michigan without electricity for a day was no picnic. Well, actually it was 15 hours. That’s a long time staring at your significant other, in my case, my hubby.

What to do!!?? I didn’t feel much like moving around in the dark to stay warm so I piled on extra layers under my blue housecoat. Hat, wool scarf, wool socks. OK. Now what? Funny how much we depend on electronics 24/7. There was nothing to do. Hubby dug out his old silver battery operated radio. Last time it saw any action was during the August complete blackout around the country several years ago.

So, we sat glued to the radio listening to WWJ, the all news station, retelling and rehashing how winds up to 65 miles an hour wrecked havoc in Michigan. Yep, but… please tell me something I don’t already know. Like WHEN will I be able to unwrap myself and stop looking like a big blue Snowman!!

To keep from dying of boredom, I decided to bead. By flashlight!! My cold fingers had a time getting wire into tiny seed beads but here’s what I ended up with. I just need to braid the other two bracelets and add the clasp. Not bad, huh, for beading in the dark?

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