Necklaces Made From Bead Show Beads

Take a look at this!! This came out really nice. Now I am wishing I had bought even more strands of beads last week at the Bead Show. I did buy 26 strands but you tell me… wouldn’t you make more of this design if you had more beads?

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

For the above necklace I used beads shaped like flowers, huge round green ones and green bead chips. They all have touches of mauve. I have enough flower beads to make another necklace but the ones left are more peachy than mauve.

Here are more necklaces made using some of the Bead Show beads.

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

I had planned to leave these new beads in the bag and not use until January 2009 but with each look inside the bag, ideas kept popping into my head.

The vendor I purchased these beads from, I thought was local, but his business card says he is in New Jersey. I will have to check on-line to see what they charge for shipping.

3 comments on “Necklaces Made From Bead Show Beads

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  2. crystal says:

    All of these are pretty, but the bottom one is absolutely fabulous! That style will be timeless. Hope you keep it for yourself! Are the beads glass or semi precious stones?

  3. don_mae says:

    Hi Crystal. I like that one too. A lot. And I WAS thinking about keeping one of them. I made two.

    I used brown Swarovski pearls, banded red agate and jasper gemstones with long brown wood beads. The lighter shade “wood like” beads came from the Bead Show. At first glance they look like wood but feel too light to be wood.


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