Peyote Beading and Following a Graph Design

Wednesday, September 17

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Slow going. Really slow.

I saw a bracelet in one of my craft books and wanted to try it. BUT… being the “can peyote in my sleep” type of beader, I never attempted it since I would have to plot it out first on graph paper. And then follow it!!

Yesterday I decided to go for it.

I searched online and found several sites with peyote graphs. Coloring the circles with marker pens was the easiest part. Following it and staying the course proved a bit harder. I read all the tips and tricks on how to follow a design. I found simply drawing a line through the row after completing it helped some but talk about eyes going crossed!! It was really slow. What should have taken about an hour took 2 1/2 hours.

Right now it measures 7″. I haven’t decided how to finish it off. I am leaning toward adding a pretty flat large light green button on one end and making a simple beaded loop. Or I may add a barrel sliding clasp. I like it and plan to make another one using this pattern. Then I am going to be brave and create my own design.

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Bracelet was created using flat even count peyote. Base row of 12 beads. Then I added one single row of brick stitch so I could continue the green color at the bottom. Original pattern only had green beads on one edge. I also added the trees on the left and right. I do that a lot, change up stuff as I work.

Supplies used:
8/0 seed beads in bronze, root beer and light green
Nymo thread
Size 12 beading needle

More photos.

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