New Books.. New Ideas..

Thursday, July 24

Got my new books in the mail yesterday.

Don’t remember if I told you but Interweave Press recently had a Hurt Book Sale and offered over 100 craft book titles for 50-75% off. I found two on their list that were on MY list. My To-Buy-List. I got them for under $5 bucks each.

I had my fingers crossed that the books would be usable. I was expecting MAYBE a few dog ears, foggy covers or smeared ink… some reason for them to be considered “hurt”.

But surprise, surprise!! No flaws anywhere. Perfect books, at least to my eyes. I am delighted!! I saved $31.

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Go here for information on next year’s Hurt Book Sale.

These next two books I got from Michael’s. Used a 40% off coupon for each. Don’t you just hate paying full price for books. Had to go two different days though.

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