Dangling Earrings in Onyx and Gold; Hearts & Crystals

Tuesday, July 15

Wirewrapping IS getting easier. I don’t even dread it anymore. Though it takes longer to make, you can go off in many directions as you can see from the earrings I made last night.

 Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Dangles with two tiers of gemstones plus crystal charms using links of chain and jump rings. 

I rarely make earrings so I surprised myself in making them FIRST. When I do make earrings it is usually because I have beads leftover, just enough to make a pair. But this time, I had an idea for a dramatic pair and kept changing, rearranging the pieces until it matched the image in my head.

Now, I have to work on the bracelet. The base is finished. Next I will wirewrap the beads and then decide if I want a full look or sparsely filled look. I would like for the bracelet to match the fullness of the earrings if I have enough pieces.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Supplies used in this project:

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

  • Chain link coils, gold plated
  • Black Onyx beads, oval shape
  • Jasper beads, flat oval shape and smaller round ones
  • Topaz Crystal Dual Channel Connector, gold plated
  • Jet Crystal Hearts, gold plated
  • Jet Crystal Round Channels, gold plated
  • 3mm gold filled round beads
  • Jump rings, gold plated, 6mm, 18 ga and 4mm, 21 ga
  • Fish hooks, gold plated
  • Headpins, 3″, 21 ga, gold plated

4 comments on “Dangling Earrings in Onyx and Gold; Hearts & Crystals

  1. Michele says:

    Love the earrings. The effect is very nice with the different sizes and weights of beads and the different lengths of the dangles.

  2. You seem to like the coiling of wire ~ 🙂

    The earrings are lovely, Donna!

  3. Jess says:

    Beautiful work – how’s your hands holding up? I found this guy’s link for really amazing wire work and I thought you might like the inspiration…


    I really want to make his tree of life wrap.
    I wanted to tell you too that we are giving away lampwork beads for a competition. I wanted to tell all my beading links so no one misses out.

  4. don_mae says:

    Thanks everyone for the compliments on my work. I finished the bracelet. Hubby likes it and wants me to keep it.

    Jess, my hands are holding up. Sometimes they ache, burn and sting. I rub them and if that doesn’t work, I rest for a few hours, like now. I checked out that site. That pendant is to die for. But way too advanced for my level. At least for now. Thanks for the link.

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