Art Glass Bracelet and Others In The Works

Tuesday, July 8

To make this bracelet, I used up quite a few of my art glass beads purchased from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads sometime last year.

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Made this bracelet like a charm bracelet only without the charms. I wirewrapped each bead and added small round gold beads and bead caps. If the bead hole was small and the headpin did not slip out, I didn’t add a small gold bead as a stopper.

The colors of the beads are mostly purple, lavender and green with a few in yellow and orange.

For the bracelet base I used a 7″ length of chain. I pried off the closed rings connecting the links together.

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I attached wirewrapped beads onto 7mm split rings and reattached these split rings to the chain sides. Bracelet measures 8″. Took me about 3 hours to make.

I made these loopy loops using my other wire making jig called The Thing-A-Ma-Gig. I bought it several months ago but am just now using it. It has metal pegs that you place in holes spaced out over a metal square base. I don’t quite like what it has produced so far but will continue trying to make things using it. I am sure with more practice my designs will improve.

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The wire is 12 gauge, thick but manageable. I have an idea for making this into a necklace using a chain or beads to connect with the bottom portion. But for now, that is all it is, an idea. I tend to work with brown a lot, that being one of my favorite colors. I will add beige or orange to brighten it. I want to harden the wire before getting started.

This morning I threw this bracelet together from a box of beads I had been staring at but had done nothing with yet.

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Several months ago I purchased five bead listings from a lady on Etsy. She was practically giving her beads away. She called the listings Stash #1, Stash #2 and so on. It was a mixture of just about everything one accumulates over years of beading. When I first got the box in the mail, I sorted everything by color and type. Wood, metal, seed beads, larger beads, etc. Then weeded out any that were damaged or unusable. Now I just need to finish it.