Cuff Bracelet and Ohhh My Aching Hands

Tuesday, June 24

Here is my cuff bracelet I made in Monday’s class.

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This is my second bracelet made from sterling silver. My first was back in December 2007. The design for that one was diamond shaped with large crystals.

I don’t know if I am cut out for this but I wanted to try it again. My hands ached then and my hands ache now. All that wire straightening, bending, pulling and wrapping. I am going to have to figure out a way to lessen the wear and tear on my hands. Maybe wear gloves.

In class, I had a choice of either the turquoise and bronze above or a mix of bright colors. The sample bracelet used turquoise beads, bronze pearls and 4mm bicone crystals in turquoise and topaz. So I used it as my guide while making mine.

Two different gauges of sterling silver wire were used. 16 ga for the base and 24 ga for wire wrapping.

First, the base was made from 16″ 16 gauge wire. Straightened, bent, cut and shaped to fit my wrist. Then cut ends were wrapped with 24 gauge wire. Next, beads, pearls and crystals were added. Inside base space only allowed for 3 sometimes 4 pieces. I had to constantly be aware of the “shape” of the base and not pull too tight when wrapping or the center would pull in and distort the bracelet frame. I am thinking of inserting a piece of wood next time to maintain the shape.

Finished bracelet measures 6 3/4″ length and 5/8″ width. 101 beads, pearls and crystals were used. It weighs 8 oz.

I am somewhat pleased with the outcome though I do not like how the wire overlaps where the base wire ends connect. I need to work on ways to disguise that area better. If you look closely, it looks kind of messy. (So.. don’t look too closely. 😀 )

July will be the month for me to work on my wireworking skills. I am switching Embroidery Month with Wireworking Month. I will probably take a few more classes to help me get started.

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