Using Pearls With Right Angle Weave (RAW)

I have been experimenting with the Right Angle Weave stitch since I learned it a couple weeks ago.

I had some pearls just sitting around so decided to use them. They work just as well as crystals. In fact, I like how the pearls look even better than the crystals.

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I also changed up the design a bit. I didn’t sew on the top embellishment. I wanted the beauty of the pearl to be the focus.

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On this deep wine/burgundy pearl bracelet, I purposely pulled the side embellishment really tight so the tiny 11/0 seed beads would look like a ruffle.

Image Hosting by

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So… just trying to catch up on my posts. Didn’t have much sunlight this past week. Mostly rain. As soon as the sun shows its sunny face, I make a mad dash for my camera.

9 comments on “Using Pearls With Right Angle Weave (RAW)

  1. elfriedabijoux says:

    Those are really pretty!

  2. don_mae says:

    Thank you!! I have a class this month called Vintage Pearls so I will be making a few more bracelets with pearls.

  3. subeeds says:

    I love the color of the teal pearls and beads. The ruffle on the burgandy one is a neat idea. I noticed some DynaMites in one of your pics. I love those beads.Decent beads for a decent price.

  4. Sherrea says:

    Hi did you do the lace around it after the main part of the bracelet is done I love this

  5. don_mae says:

    Hi Subeeds, thanks!! I am working on a black and white one. Had it ready for the side beads and hubby chimes in that “he” would have used a different design for the ends. Like he knows how to bead, LOL!! (But I did take it apart and start over.) 😀

    Hi Sherrea, yes, I added the tiny seed beads on the sides afterwards. Are you going to make one? I did a tutorial on how to make this bracelet but using crystals. The link is above at the end of the article. Change it up anyway you want.

  6. Janice says:

    What an interesting pearl bracelet weave! I’ve been making my own jewelry for years, and I really enjoy trying new designs so I’ll definitely try this. I’m happy you didn’t use much embellishments. I agree, the beauty of the pearl is quite enough.I saw some other types of desings at this designer jewelry store at the link below I’ve been trying to do the clustered look for freshwater pearl necklaces, but it’s been very challenging. Does anyone know how to do this?

  7. brensbeads says:

    I love them. They are so cute!

  8. sarah says:

    This is lovely – I have just made a single strand of heather coloured (pink) pearl and matching seed beads all around the outside for a watch for my MIL for her birthday – but yours is just fabulous! I will try to have a go at yours – much more substantial – Thanks! xx

    • don_mae says:

      Thanks, Sarah. This bracelet was surprisingly easy to make. I made several with pearls and then boredom set in. Do try it. I might even try making a watch with this design.

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