1520 Macrame Knots

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Wow!! Is this HUGE or what!! I wanted to make a big purse but didn’t think it would make up this large. There are 1520 macrame knots in this purse. I counted them. Well, actually I counted two rows to double check the count and multiplied by the number of rows. 😀

And the purse used 258 yards of cords. It will hold a lot of stuff. I bet it will hold a laptop. Maybe TWO laptops!!

It took several days working on and off to complete. My hands, fingers and arms ached and got tired so I worked about five rows at a time.

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I took frequent breaks to rest them and once pulled out my smelly and stinky Jointritis to rub gently on my right arm. Whenever I use it, I am REALLY in pain. It smells so awful and lingers until my next shower. 😀

This is how much I had knotted after a day and a half.

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Purse was made similar to the other cream one I blogged about, just larger and with only one row of wooden beads.

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It was tied with the beginning Square Knot Sections, 18 rows of Alternating Square Knots, one beaded section and then 12 more rows of Alternating Square Knots. I could have used an extra pair of knees when closing up the bottom.

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Not sure what I will do with it. For now, I am just enjoying looking at it.

Measurements: Length 19 1/2″, Height without straps 14″ and width 2″ at its widest, the bottom. Straps measure 26 1/2″.

Macrame Cord: 6mm Braided in cream

258 Yards Used:

  • 3 yard cords for body (72)
  • 6 yard cords for straps (4)
  • 4 1/2 yard cords for straps (4)

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