Macrame Purse: 1/2 Done

Friday, May 16

I cut the cords for this macrame purse this morning and started making it. I have the top section connected to the straps. The sides have been connected to the front and back and I am at the point of adding the wooden beads.

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There is plenty of cord so I am going to add a second row of beads. 10 beads front and 10 beads back.  Not sure why pattern called for such long cords. The next purse I make like this one, I will adjust the yardage. And it didn’t make up as wide as I wanted, so that’s another thing I am going to adjust. I will increase the knot sections on the front and back. The strap seems to be ok, maybe add a few more Square Knots to make it a bit longer. But so far, I am liking the result.

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I called my hubby into my craft room twice for a consult. He gave me some suggestions on bead placement and which color fabric he thought would work best for the lining. I am going to go with his suggestions and hope for the best.  😀

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More pictures to follow and a tutorial so you can make one.

One comment on “Macrame Purse: 1/2 Done

  1. Bertie says:

    It’s imvtearipe that more people make this exact point.

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