Making a Macrame Purse

Thursday, May 15

This purse will be my next macrame project. The one at the bottom. I have made many purses but not this pattern. I looked over the instructions and it looks easy enough.

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I have LOTS of macrame cord in a pretty cream shade. I fell in love with the color so I overbought. I also purchased some beads, in light beige and rust, with this cord in mind. I think they will be perfect together. The cord is a 6mm braid. For purses I prefer braided cord instead of twisted since I don’t have to tape the ends as I cut or worry about it untwisting as I work.

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This purse makes up big, about 13″ by 10″. It takes approximately 117 yards of cord. I will be tying Square Knots, Alternating Square Knots, Square Knot Sinnets, Half Knots and Half¬†Knot Sinnets.

For the lining, my plan is to use either a solid color fabric or a tiny print fabric. Probably in brown or a color to match the beads. Once I get to that stage I will search through my fabric stash.

But first… I have to cut the cords. No problem. That is the easy part of macraming.

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