Sewing Day 12: Living Large

Saturday, May 3

This tote is HUGE!! I had no idea it would make up this big!!

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This is the purse I had planned to make with my wild and crazy fabric. Can’t do it now for two reasons. I would look like an idiot coming down the street with it, feeling like everyone was looking at me. 😀 And #2, I don’t have enough of my wild fabric to make it. It really takes a lot of fabric. I used four Fat Quarters of the printed fabric. So..I will save it and make something else.

This tote was made from Kwik Sew Pattern 3133, Bag A. I had no problem understanding and following the pattern instructions.

I am just about done. I need to finish turning one of the straps, sew the straps to the lining and then sew the lining to the purse.

If I make another one, I will use heavier fabric for the entire tote. It will make a nice book bag.

Sewing Day 11: Dog Day Afternoon

Saturday, May 3

Yep, I have been sewing…still. 😀

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I have actually been working on these purses with doggy fabric for several days. Didn’t want to get too far behind so thought I would post what I am working on.

These just need the strap sewn on the sides. I found this strap when going through my craft supplies. I don’t remember how long I have had it but it works perfectly for these little totes. Adds a hint of a doggy collar or leash.

These totes/purses are quick to make, now that I have made so many of them. If you want to try your hand at it, you just need 1/2 yard of two different fabrics. The doggy fabric I purchased by the yard from JoAnn Fabric and Crafts a couple years ago. (Probably that’s when I purchased the black strap.) The black print fabric was a Fat Quarter 18″ by 22″. Fabric must be a square for both pieces. I used 18″ square.

I also made a larger tote in denim and red fabric with tiny white hearts. I had to buy special denim needles to sew the sides together. Size 16. They work great. No more jamming.

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Haven’t decided how I will finished this one up. Probably a shoulder strap. I have about two yards of denim left. Next time I get my hands on a 50% off coupon at JoAnn’s, I will replenish my supply.