Sewing Day 2: Test Drive Barbie

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Well, I am finished with Square Dancing purse #1.

I decided to make a “test” purse first. Didn’t want to make a mess of perfectly good denim and checkered gingham. Didn’t follow the pattern and instructions much. I got them from Janome’s website. The “pattern” printed out on one sheet of 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper. It was shaped like a rectangle. There was one more piece shaped like a cup but I couldn’t get it to print out. The instructions showed how to sew the purse on a serger. And since I do not have a serger, I glanced briefly at their directions then set them aside. I referred back to the picture I found in Janome’s Summer 2007 Digest. So basically, this purse was created by sight and Janome’s rectangle. Talk about winging it!! Not bad, huh?


I used Barbie Fashion University fabric in blue, pink and yellow. The print on the fabric faces all different directions; top, bottom, sideways. So I didn’t have to worry about lining up shapes when cutting. I used hot pink cotton for the ruffle and lining. Lining? Oh yeah. Nothing was mentioned in the instructions about a lining. That was just me, winging it again.

This purse turned out much smaller than I pictured. With the flap folded, it measures 6 1/2″ length and 9″ height. Flat it measures 14″ in height. The inside compartment measures 7″ deep. Shoulder strap is 28″.

Now that I know what to do and what NOT to do, I will go ahead and cut out the denim purse. I think I will make it slightly larger. After this, I will be using a REAL pattern for my next project.