Sewing Day 1: Square Dancing

This is what I have decided to sew.


No, not the jacket. The PURSE. I saw this purse last year in the Summer 2007 Janome Digest and liked it. Not for myself, but as a gift or maybe to sell.  It is cute and looks like it will be fun to make. I printed the instructions from Janome’s website. 

Not sure of the completed measurements. Nothing was mentioned in the instructions. I am guessing about 9″ by 10″.  

I know I have some blue denim but will have to search through my fabric stash for the red and white checkered fabric.  I don’t particularly like the handle as pictured. Thinking about making mine with blue denim. And since this won’t be made from a “real” pattern, I am sure I will be improvising as I sew.  

Oh, BTW, Janome calls this cute little bag, Square Dancing Purse.  


4 comments on “Sewing Day 1: Square Dancing

  1. That purse looks like a cute gift for a girl. I’m glad to see you’re dusting off the Janome.

  2. don_mae says:

    I think IT is glad to see me too. 😀

  3. Belinda says:

    That purse is darling! 😀 You’ll have sew much fun sewing that cute purse! 😀

  4. don_mae says:

    I don’t have any red & white checkered fabric. I have some cute red & white polka dot though. But I want to make it as pictured so off to JoAnn’s I go. I’ll pet a few pieces for you. 😀

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