One Day of Rest & Back To Sewing

Tuesday, April 29

OK, I feel rested now and ready to go. Back to Sewing!! Cause Macrame Month is around the corner. (As if anyone even remembers or cares what it is, LOL!!)

But today I need to make a visit to the Janome store. I want them to tell me how to sew through stacks of denim. My sewing machine, Janome 10001, doesn’t seem to like heaps of thick fabric. And for the price I paid for it, it should sew through gold!!

I don’t normally pay much attention to needles. Just turn the machine on and go. That is, until I break one. Several days ago, I broke a needle sewing on denim. I switched to a size 16 and that seemed to fix the problem but today it jammed again and would not go through the fabric at all. Oh, what a racket the machine made. I guess it told me, don’t even think about it!! I have no clue what size needle I need so I will let the experts tell me.

So…if you are looking for me, that is where I will be. BBL

Sewing Day 9: The Cafe

Friday, April 25

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Yippee!! I am so happy!! I have the next five hours to do as I please. Hubby is making a run to Indiana in hopes of winning $150 million (yeah, right) or whatever the magic number is currently. I am sure the Lottery registers are spitting out tickets as fast as the clerks can type.

Michigan has a state lottery but it does not participate in the PowerBall game. So to buy a ticket you have to travel to the closest city across state lines. Not only will hubby be making a wish list and checking it twice, as he drives along, he will have his precious Garmin, with its precise directions, to keep him company. It is a neat gadget but I tell you, if I had to spend more than an hour listening to “turn left, turn right, turn here” from Miss Soft Sweetness, that thing would be a heap of metal littering the highway.

Well, anyhoo, back to my happiness… The Cafe.

I belong to one of THE best online groups out there. How do I know this? Because everyone says so. A few of the members have known each other since around 2002 having originally met online at one of eBay’s Discussion Boards. A place for like-minded individuals to seek assistance on their latest hobbies and for the more talented crafters to offer help wherever it was needed. I fell kind of in the middle. Not a complete idiot newbie but not a perfect 10 either on the expert scale.

Then when eBay decided to go in a new direction and created the Groups format, some people from the board started their own group. A place to be yourself and chat about what’s on your mind. A place to share new ideas, ask questions and offer tips. A place to go if you just needed a hug, anytime you needed one. Some of the original members have moved on to other paths in their lives, but new people regularly find The Cafe and join in.

After almost six years, we are still going strong. I think it is because WE LIKE EACH OTHER!! We really like each other!! We are truly interested in what the members are doing. One popular and active thread is “What Is Everyone Working On At The Moment?” It is one of my first stops when visiting The Cafe. We also have group projects where one member will post a project for others to try.

Which brings me to the reason for my post today. I am making “Popcorn’s Project”.

It is a tote bag made by folding material in a specific way and top stitching some seams. Add a carrying handle and you are done.

Where am I? About in the middle of all that folding and stitching. This is what my purse looks like thus far.

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I may just leave it like this. Unfinished and open. Not like I have any money to put in it anyway. Hubby is not back yet with the $150 million!! Wish me luck. Both with finishing this tote AND winning the lottery!!

Sewing Day 3: Take A Bow

Monday, April 14

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All done!!

Square Dancing Purse comes to an end, thank goodness.

Never before have I spent as much time sewing on a patternless simple item. So glad to be finished. I am somewhat happy with the outcome. I think the ruffle could have been a tad bit shorter but it is what it is.  I am not going to make any changes. Janome is off for the day, resting up. In fact, I plan to have a little bonfire party with my “rectangle.” 🙂

Here’s out it turned out.

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Supplies used to make this purse:

  • 1 yard denim
  • 1 yard checkered gingham
  • 1 yard interfacing
  • 1 decorative button
  • red thread
  • navy thread

One good thing from making this purse is that I am bonding with my sewing machine. Learning my way around. Though still having to look up stuff in the Instructor’s Manual. Even simple stuff. BUT the more I sew, the better I get. I just know it.

Next up…. something from a store bought PATTERN!!

Sewing Day 2: Test Drive Barbie

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Well, I am finished with Square Dancing purse #1.

I decided to make a “test” purse first. Didn’t want to make a mess of perfectly good denim and checkered gingham. Didn’t follow the pattern and instructions much. I got them from Janome’s website. The “pattern” printed out on one sheet of 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper. It was shaped like a rectangle. There was one more piece shaped like a cup but I couldn’t get it to print out. The instructions showed how to sew the purse on a serger. And since I do not have a serger, I glanced briefly at their directions then set them aside. I referred back to the picture I found in Janome’s Summer 2007 Digest. So basically, this purse was created by sight and Janome’s rectangle. Talk about winging it!! Not bad, huh?


I used Barbie Fashion University fabric in blue, pink and yellow. The print on the fabric faces all different directions; top, bottom, sideways. So I didn’t have to worry about lining up shapes when cutting. I used hot pink cotton for the ruffle and lining. Lining? Oh yeah. Nothing was mentioned in the instructions about a lining. That was just me, winging it again.

This purse turned out much smaller than I pictured. With the flap folded, it measures 6 1/2″ length and 9″ height. Flat it measures 14″ in height. The inside compartment measures 7″ deep. Shoulder strap is 28″.

Now that I know what to do and what NOT to do, I will go ahead and cut out the denim purse. I think I will make it slightly larger. After this, I will be using a REAL pattern for my next project.

Sewing Day 1: Doe See Doe

Field Trip complete. Shopping Spree over. All ready to dig in and get to stitching. 

I purchased lots of patterns, a book on handbags, a few yards of fabric and tons of notions.  Needles, pins, regular thread, embroidery thread, bobbin thread, spray adhesive, velcro, bobbin cases and more snaps. 

Let the fun begin…….


How to Peyote Stitch

class15.gif (My Peyote tutorial for beginners. With photo illustrations.) Peyote) Even Count Peyote) (Flat Odd Count Peyote)

Sewing Day 1: Square Dancing

This is what I have decided to sew.


No, not the jacket. The PURSE. I saw this purse last year in the Summer 2007 Janome Digest and liked it. Not for myself, but as a gift or maybe to sell.  It is cute and looks like it will be fun to make. I printed the instructions from Janome’s website. 

Not sure of the completed measurements. Nothing was mentioned in the instructions. I am guessing about 9″ by 10″.  

I know I have some blue denim but will have to search through my fabric stash for the red and white checkered fabric.  I don’t particularly like the handle as pictured. Thinking about making mine with blue denim. And since this won’t be made from a “real” pattern, I am sure I will be improvising as I sew.  

Oh, BTW, Janome calls this cute little bag, Square Dancing Purse.  

April is Sewing Month

Well, here I am. True to my word. I will focus on sewing for the month of April. 

I am getting ready to sew something. But sew what? Two weeks ago I went to JoAnn’s for some ideas. I flipped through about ten pattern books. Found the perfect “first item to sew”, went to the pattern file cabinet to get it, it was out of stock. Bummer. I was bummed not only because of my time wasted flipping pages but it was something I really wanted to make. Now it will have to wait until either I locate the pattern or I make the pattern myself. The former is more likely to happen. I could probably make the pattern, have done it before. But that was ages ago, what my hubby likes to call, “Back in the day.”

Back in the day, as a young child and teen-ager, I LOVED to sew.

I remember making doll clothes, then I began sewing my own clothes, mainly casual outfits but also dresses and suits. Took sewing classes in high school and at home, I sewed from Vogue patterns.  One pattern was for a dress with full velvet skirt and white satin bodice. It had this HUGE velvet bow hanging from the back. The velvet was jeweltone blue. I still remember it. I thought I was hot to trot.  Wearing Vogue!!  Years later, my hubby (boyfriend at that time), told me he hated that dress!! He preferred me in tighter fitted clothing. Hmmm, wonder why, LOL!!

Ok, ok…back on topic.  Lately my sewing talents have been used mostly for closing holes in socks and mending raveling towels and washcloths.

So.. you are probably wondering, what’s my motivation to sew now, after all these years?

My new Janome. I saw it online, drooled over the photos and online demonstration of all the bells and whistles. I had to have it. I couldn’t possibly live another second without it. Visited our local Janome Distributor.  Took it home the next day.

That was a year ago when I welcomed IT into my home. I am sad to say that I have not been a very good hostess. I have ignored it, hidden it away, lost the cable, forgotten how to thread it. I could go on and on but I will spare you the full mistreatment list.

So…for the month of April, my sewing machine will be my new best friend. BFF!!

And here it is.

Introducing Janome Memory Craft 10001. It embroiders too.      


I will pick some fun items to begin with and then MAYBE choose something more practical. We shall see.  

Here’s a couple things I would like to make but that will be further down the road. Miles down the road. Something like a year from now. 😀

collectorquilt.jpg  l_100227334.jpg